About RckDrop

Gift giving can be difficult, we have all been there wondering what can I buy that meaningful and could possibly be of use but most of all put a smile on someone’s face?  Gag gifts are greats for occasions ranging from birthdays, anniversaries or just because.  We have created unique gift ideas and memorable ways for you to show your everlasting appreciation.  

We vacationed in California and had the best times at the vineyards in Sonoma so the Cali-for-ni-a rock that we created is used as a paperweight on a desk of ours. This rock is awesome and makes us smile every time it’s seen.  Our coffee table is home to Spirit of Detroit rock in honor of our hometown and boy is it quite the conversation piece.   

Our Classic category offers great just because gifts for ages.  If your Child repeatedly request a pet but you live in a high rise or just don’t have time, the pet rock is a great alternative. The rock on or rock star are awesome for employee appreciation.      

The lewd and rude category is for the funny and raunchy folks of the world. What man wouldn’t think a c*ck on a rock wasn’t the funniest thing of the year to receive in the mail?  It’s even more funny being sent with our anonymous sender option.  

Who thinks to mail a rock in a box

Hi, I’m Joy Joy. I am a creative and detailed thinker with a sprinkle of quirkiness. After years of random thoughts about shipping odd objects for gifts I settled on rocks. They are fun, strange and with heartfelt messages undeniably loved.  On my normal Saturday morning coffee run I shared the idea with my confidant as we drove around Rock City sipping lattes.  Brainstorming took off like 4th of July fireworks.  Fast forward 2 years of building, branding, fun and we have been shipping rocks ever since!

Get rockin’ today!

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